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Scope of Practice

Dr. Ellis provides care for a variety of orthopedic and sports-related injuries.

  • Sports Medicine (knee, shoulder, ankle)
    • Offering surgical treatment of all types of sports-related injuries for athletes at every age and skill level. He commonly treats strains and sprains of ligaments and tendons, fractures, rotator cuff and ACL injuries and torn meniscus.
  • Shoulder Surgery
    • Dr. Ellis uses minimally invasive incisions and arthroscopy to repair injured shoulders. These procedures can be done on an outpatient basis.
  • Hand Surgery (carpal tunnel, cysts, tendons, fractures)
  • General Fracture Care (adult and pediatric)
  • Evaluations of the Spine
  • Work Injuries
  • Degenerative Arthritis (hip, knee and shoulder)
  • Robot Assisted Joint Reconstruction (MAKO) in some candidates.
  • Dr. Ellis is fellowship trained in hip and knee joint replacement.

Dr. Ellis keeps current on the latest developments and advanced technologies in the field of orthopedics. They include:

  • Arthroscopic surgery and minimally invasive incisions for surgery of the shoulder.
  • Arthroscopic repair of cruciate ligaments and meniscus tears of the knee.
  • Hyalgan®
    • A naturally occurring clear gel that is injected into an arthritic joint, which can extend the life  of a moderately arthritic joint. This is especially beneficial for young patients with damaged knees from sports injuries or in elderly patients who either do not desire joint replacement or for medical reasons cannot have surgery.

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